Common Oral and Dental Problems

Common Oral and Dental Problems

Taking care of your mouth is important to keep the teeth and gums healthy until old age. As this is the part of our body that we use to communicate to others, we should maintain its sanitation. If you have a set of white teeth, it means that you are doing the right steps and procedures in cleaning it. You should make sure that you brush it three times a day and use floss before every bedtime. Eating the right food can also help your pearly whites be healthy. Make sure that you should always do these things in order to prevent the following common dental problems to occur.


This is characterised by the decaying of tooth structure caused by substances that are present in the mouth. When you consume a meal, mainly with carbohydrates, the saliva reacts to the food and therefore creates an acid called plaque that is used to break it down for digestion. If they are not cleaned out of the mouth, they may also target the teeth, thus, gradually eating it out. If not properly treated, this can further complicate to tooth loss and even sever infection. Cavity is one of the most dental issues in the world.

Bad Breath

This ailment can be caused by many factors but it starts on a poor dental hygiene. If you are a person who doesn’t put into consideration the cleanliness of your mouth, you will suffer from it. In other cases, it can also be due to severe cavities that are present on the teeth because the decaying part produces a nasty smell. If you have this problem, be sure to get rid of it because it is a detrimental factor to social communication.

Tooth Sensitivity

It is an irregular condition where a person feels discomfort, or even pain, when consuming food of different taste and temperature. The dentine which contains tubular structures that facilitates nerve reactions is triggered, therefore, creating the sensation. This may be caused by cavities, wear, or root exposure. It commonly reacts to hot or cold drinks, sour taste, sweet and sometimes air pressure. Potassium nitrate and fluoride that are added into toothpastes can be used for its remedy.

If you are experiencing those aforementioned oral problems, it is recommended to visit your dental clinic right away. You should also prioritise your teeth health in order for you to prevent other complications.

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