Menopausal women much earlier

Menopausal women much earlier

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35-year-old Miss Zhao, a white-collar workers in the foreign service, in order to cause her to obtain a doctorate until after the 33-year-old married before. She recently promoted the emergence of irritability, insomnia, menstrual disorder symptoms also often made, "Wu Minghuo", after the loss of control for their own regret. Colleagues joked: "You are not in the menopause … …" This is the number of people, they have aroused the vigilance of Miss Zhao. Yesterday, Miss Zhao arrived at the specially sunshine and Women''s Hospital medical check-tang, gynecological experts Valley Professor Xia diagnosis, was found to endocrine hormone related to the value of menopause have been characteristic change — pituitary hormone significantly increased, decreased ovarian hormone, Show early menopause, premature ovarian failure. Not to have children, premature ovarian function can not be natural to ovulation … …

Groups worried

70 menopausal women hide

Young women appeared early menopause has become increasingly common phenomenon. A survey shows that the city-year-old age group of 20-40 white-collar women, by the emergence of endocrine disorders caused by various diseases were as high as 30% to their work and the spirit of endless pressure and worry.

"One 40-year-old female patient for more than a year can not sleep and had lost consciousness several times, his whole body, she does not lead to not work." Professor Duan said Sansi Shi-year-old female with varying degrees of Hidden menopause, has seriously affected their family and their life and work. The emergence of the symptoms of menopause, the majority of women thought it was too tired to work, will be able to take a rest, while others fear that only 30% of the women to gynecological clinic.

Hormone replacement therapy to postpone menopause

Endocrine system of women''s life have a significant impact. In his role, the women went through childhood, adolescence, child-bearing age, menopause to old age changes in the process. The number of common gynecological diseases are closely related to the distribution of endocrine body. Endocrine disease for women, the sun and Women''s Hospital to adopt a joint hormone replacement therapy, according to the secretion of hormones in the human body cycle, combined cycle sequential therapy, combination therapy cycle, and so symptomatic treatment, supplemented by Chinese medicine plant hormone therapy, professional solution to menstrual disorders and their Complications. The current method is developed to promote and apply the exact effect of an advanced medical technology can reduce the over-stimulation of the endometrium, to prevent or curb the occurrence of endometrial cancer, effectively delaying menopause.

Experts advise

It should be noted 35-year-old from hormone balance

From the 35-year-old career women, they should pay attention to the body''s hormone balance to prevent menopausal symptoms. 40 appear before the age of menopause symptoms, do not blindly use of estrogen, because some of these medicines may increase the incidence of Gynecologic Oncology, the best way to adopt self-regulation or under the guidance of a doctor to take some kind of autonomic regulation Drug.